Precision Solutions

The knowledge base and facilities developed by MBDA as part of its systems development programmes meet the highest standards, with world class expertise. Recognising that many of these capabilities could be made more generally available without compromising ongoing and future systems programmes, MBDA established Precision Solutions to provide a unique commercial outlet for military and aerospace engineering applications or any engineering discipline that might benefit from the company’s rigorous approach.

These specialist capabilities have been grouped into three major disciplines. Testing & Analytical Solutions provides access to capabilities as diverse as radiation hardening evaluation, high power RF test sources and investigating human-related issues in systems engineering. Sensor & Imaging Solutions brings together MBDA’s sophisticated technologies in the field, including 94GHz imaging technology for use in low visibility applications, infrared interferometry and guidance, control and navigation of airborne systems. Manufacturing Solutions offers assembly and test of a variety of complex electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems and subsystems.