Interoperability Box

The MBDA Interoperability Box (I-Box) is a turn-key system providing solutions to interoperability issues. It features a number of hardware components and software modules which have been proven over a number of years across a range of distributed national and international MBDA and UK MOD programmes. The system is self-contained and requires no user interaction. The system can connect sites, systems and convert between different protocols. The I-Box provides bridging capabilities allowing data exchange between disparate systems, e.g. between SIMPLE-J and JREAP-C (Link16).

These capabilities are managed through a Web-based interface and provides a simple configuration mechanism and visual feedback of connectivity and interface status.

  • Data exchange between different protocols
  • Data exchange between different systems
  • Simply ‘power on & connect’
  • NEC Analyser for real-time and offline data analysis giving full 3D perspective of the experiment/exercise