Radiation Hardening Modelling


Computer modelling provides a means of predicting circuit and system responses to radiation effects. The application ranges from a design aid tool to virtual qualification, eliminating the need for system qualification trials. A suite of modelling codes has been developed for blast wave, thermal shock and radiation environment calculations together with modelling of circuit and system behavior:

  • ACDIFT for the analysis of the thermal flash effects from an endoatmospheric nuclear burst
  • DYNA 3D for blast wave effects
  • Pspice for circuit behaviour response
  • SABER for system behavioural response
  • Cost of hardening – MORE radiation environment calculations
  • Space Radiation – ITS/ACCEPT 3D radiation transport

Modelling of blast effects is available at equipment and system level. Modelling of thermal effects is available at component and equipment level.

Component database

An extensive database of the effects of radiation on semiconductor components is available for analysis and prediction of radiation effects on electrical/electronic systems. This removes the need to test components, which reduces both costs and timescales. Using existing data also facilitates more accurate estimates of hardening costs. There are links to a number of US and European databases, including the UK national database owned by the Ministry of Defence.