Radiation Effects

The Radiation Effects Group provides unparalleled knowledge and testing capability in the field of nuclear hardening. This expertise ensures that systems and equipment are cost-effectively designed and built to withstand ionising radiation exposure and can be easily decontaminated against chemical, biological or radiological agents.

The knowledge and resource base includes:

* Hardened architectures, design and methods.
* Hardening technology and research.
* Modelling of environments; system, sub-system and equipment behaviours.
* Generation of guidelines; provision of courses and detailed technical documentation.
* Nuclear & space radiation physics.
* Experimental measurement and use of radiation test facilities.

The Group can test electronic components, printed circuit boards and small systems to evaluate their hardening against the effects of radiation. Components, printed circuit boards or small systems can be tested for X-Ray / Gamma Dose Rate, X-Ray / Gamma Total Dose, Neutron bombardment and Single Event Effects (SEE).

The Radiation Effects Group Datasheet can be downloaded here.