HWIL Components

HWIL IR Simulator

The Infrared Countermeasure Simulator provides multiple high temperature IR countermeasures:

  • Two independent IR sources capable of representing flares and jammers
  • Recycling during engagement for multiple flare sequences
  • Current controlled output to over 2000˚C

HWIL RF Simulator

The HWIL RF simulator provides multi-target RF seeker assessment in the presence of countermeasures and clutter.

HWIL Subsystems Real Time PC Control

Real time PC control is achieved using a Linux Dual Pentium controller to host all scene object models and hardware control modules. The graphical PC provides user interface, data capture and Synthetic Environment analysis.

HWIL Subsystems Target Scene Generator

In either open-loop or closed-loop test mode, the real-time Target Scene Generator produces synthetic scenes of air targets, backgrounds and low temperature countermeasures, as required by the seeker.

HWIL Subsystems Thermal Picture Synthesiser

High temperature IR sources can be optically mixed with the Thermal Picture Synthesiser display to represent high temperature flare and jammer countermeasures

  • Broadband IR 512 x 512 resistive array
  • Up to 200Hz flicker-free frame rate with one frame latency
  • 16 bit dynamic range of over 200˚C

HWIL Subsystems Optical Mixer & Collimator

The Optical Mixer and Collimator provides:

  • Broadband pellicle mixing of complex scene display and countermeasure channels
  • Highly corrected collimation of mixed scene with reflective optics
  • 6˚ field of view and typically 100 µrad blur circle
  • Large collimator throw for integration of missile flight motion system as required