Human Factors Facilities

Human Factors Laboratory

A controlled environment used for the conduct of usability trials and human factors experimentation. The facility is instrumented for video and audio capture and analysis, and incorporates techniques for the assessment of human performance, including workload, human error and situational awareness.

Systems Integration Facility

The Human Factors Laboratory is a node within the larger and more comprehensive Systems Integration Facility (SIF). The SIF is a reconfigurable synthetic environment incorporating a library of platform, sensor and environment models, which can be used to support large and small scale system visualisation, demonstration and experimentation.

Usability Assessment Tools

The HF Group has a range of bespoke and commercially available tools which are used to support the assessment of system usability. These range from simple heuristics checklists to on-line, real-time activity observation tools which are used to capture and analyse user behaviour, performance and subjective feedback.

Anthropometric Modelling and Assessment Environment

The Group uses the JACK(tm) human anthropometric modelling tool, together with a range of CAD packages to support the design and assessment of the physical environment and human manual handling tasks. This facility provides a non-immersive virtual environment in which digital manikins can be created, based on a validated anthropometric database, and integrated within digital prototypes of vehicles, buildings, workstations etc. and animated to perform manual tasks. Features includes the assessment of physical accommodation and biodynamics (e.g. reach and movement), and comparison of required physical forces associated with lifting, pulling and pushing tasks against NIOSH standards for safe working limits.