Human Factors

Human Factors

The Group offers a specialist capability in the integration of the human element into the design of complex systems. This expertise ensures that a detailed understanding of human capabilities and limitations is brought to bear on the design of human tasks, the working environment and associated equipment and tooling.

The knowledge and resource base includes:

  • Models of human performance and human behaviour
  • Databases of human physical characteristics, such as anthropometrics, biomechanics and strength
  • Tools and techniques for the assessment of human performance (e.g. physical & cognitive workload, situational awareness and human error/human reliability)
  • Experimentation facilities and experiment design expertise
  • Rapid prototyping tools for the development of Human Computer/Human Machine Interfaces

The Group is able to provide a human-centred approach to design incorporating detailed user requirements capture, task analysis, user interface prototyping and the assessment of usability and human performance.

  • Human Factors Integration (HFI) management
  • User Centred Design
  • Human Computer Interface/Human Machine Interface design & assessment
  • HCI/HMI Prototyping
  • Anthropometric modelling
  • Manual handling assessment
  • Human performance prediction and assessment
  • Formal Experimentation
  • Usability Testing
  • Assessment of Human Health Hazards
  • Control & Display design