EMC Test Capabilities

Qualification testing

The comprehensive classical qualification test capability includes a Gore Paratron kit (+ specification) and a 60Hz and 600Hz emergency cut-off system. Computer assisted testing includes emissions and susceptibility testing over a wide test frequency range (20Hz-40GHz) and high field levels for susceptibility testing. Comprehensive test plans and reports are produced and R & D studies can also be undertaken.

Other tests include:

  • E-field shielding measurement
  • Cable Zt measurements
  • Gasket/material shielding (using an ASTM compliant jig)

Equipment type experience includes:

  • Missiles
  • Power converters
  • Avionics units
  • Military vehicles
  • Signalling equipment
  • Communications and navigation equipment – from units to complete systems

The laboratory is fully UKAS accredited and testing is conducted to a wide range of military standards

Transient/Rad Haz safety trials

Some products contain explosive materials or devices. Transient trials are required to ensure no spurious transient energy can initiate electro explosive devices (EEDs) during their build or operational use.

Rad Haz trials are conducted for the same reason, but check RF energy coupled into the firing circuits of any EEDs.

Design advice and pre-qualification testing

The EMC facility is increasingly helping designers to select appropriate EMC protective measures, and thus keep design costs down. Advice can be offered on all aspects of EMC project work from concept to post design, to include the following subjects:

  • EMC
  • HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance or Rad Haz)
  • EMP
  • Compass Safe Distance
  • Lightning
  • TEMPEST/Commercial IT security
  • ESD
  • HIRF

Early testing reduces the cost of fixing problems and minimises delays to the qualification programme.

NEMP/ESD/Lightning assessments

Sensitive components and systems must be protected against the risks from electromagnetic aggressions such as lightning. The best way to do this is to derive a Grounding Shielding and Bonding Policy in the early stages of design and development.

All the necessary expertise is available in house to carry out all of these assessments.