Ghandi Project

MBDA UK is leading the Geometry Handling and Integration (GHandI) project, which is one of the seven major collaborative research and development projects that enhance capability to support innovation in aerospace technology. The project will develop improved modelling techniques to address the significant challenges faced when modelling airframe geometry and airflows in support of novel airframe design. It will also facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-fertilisation via complementary research activities, and establish innovative capabilities and shared understanding.

The MBDA-led team comprises key organisations in the UK aerodynamics community; manufacturers (Airbus Operations, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems); aerodynamic modelling and technology providers (Transcendata, Altran UK Ltd, ARA and Cambridge Flow Solutions) and Academia (Queens University Belfast and the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge, Southampton and Strathclyde). CFMS, a not-for-profit simulation company, are providing a supporting coordination and dissemination role.

Jointly funded by government and industry, the project operates through the Aerospace Growth Partnership launched by the British government and the UK Centre of Aerodynamics. Consortium members will bring their strategic research partners into the project, together with the project’s nominated world-leading scientific/technical experts. This will strengthen links with academia and the UK skill-base in simulation and design. Networking to the wider UK research community will be achieved through these partners for both input and dissemination.