IR Optical Design

A specialist team provides a wealth of experience and knowledge in the design and production of electro-optical components, modules and systems for a variety of defence and commercial applications. Concept and feasibility studies can be undertaken prior to the manufacture of prototypes and full scale volume production. Design tools include CODE V, ZEMAX, AUTOCAD, PRO-ENGINEER and specialised in-house software.

The unique blend of design, development, manufacture, assembly and test facilities for optical components and assemblies allows us to to offer a design and development capability for:

  • Industrial components & subsystems
  • Miltary components & subsystems

Industrial optical component designs have included lenses for surveillance, telecentric and telemetry systems as well as aspheric, diffractive and Fresnel lenses. Metal mirrors with parabolic, off-axis and elliptical surfaces have been designed and manufactured . Mould tools can also be produced for optical components such as Fresnel lenses, contact lenses and lens arrays.

Military applications have included optics for both cooled and uncooled sensors, as well as optics for lasers, seekers and missile systems.

We can also offer a consultancy service for all aspects of optical design & development to both industry and academia.