Phase shift software
The phase shift software is extremely versatile and allows information to be obtained from different parts of the optical surface under test. These display formats can be extended to all measured data, such as aberration fields, MTF and slope field. Results can be displayed directly in terms of ISO and DIN standards. Phase measuring interferometry is a more accurate technique than static fringe analysis since it offers higher density and uniform sampling of the interference pattern, and better phase resolution.

  • Piezo mirror control
  • Phase shifting control
  • Vision Fringe acquisition and interpretation software
  • Frame grabber PC card
  • PC DAC card

For more information, visit the Fisba website

Static Fringe Analysis
A variety of static fringe analysis software packages is available. Static fringe analysis typically offers an accuracy of around lambda/20 and has the benefit that the software results can be verified manually for simple peak to valley measurements.

Software offers far more sophisticated analysis including calculation of the rms wavefront deviation, and other derived functions such as the StrehlRatio, MTF, Point Spread Function and Encircled Energy Function. The wavefront shape is often approximated by fitting Zernike coefficients to the available data, enabling the calculation of Seidel Aberrations.The software can also flag pass/fail criteria based on irregularity, power, peak to valley wavefront value and rms wavefront aberration.