INTERFIRE II Accessories

Reflective Beam Expander
The reflective beam expander accessory is designed for the analysis of large optics using the INTERFIRE range of infrared interferometers and can be used in the 3-5 micron and 8-12 micron wavebands. The unit is produced in collaboration with Optical Surfaces Ltd and features a Newtonian configuration not a Galilean configuration to provide an intermediate focused image for efficient relaying of optical pupils,which is essential at longer infrared wavelengths.

The reflective beam expander is a robust, standalone unit which can be bolted to an optical bench with height adjustment for fine alignment. It contains a matched pair of permanently aligned aluminium mirrors, complete with magnesium fluoride protective coatings.

It has a wavefront accuracy of lambda/10 in the 3-5 micron waveband, with output apertures of 150 mm and 200 mm as standard, although other sizes are available. The input aperture of 30 mm is matched to the INTERFIRE output aperture.

Optical Accessories
Optical accessories available for use with the INTERFIRE range of interferometers include:

  • Phase shifting accessory
  • Static fringe analysis software
  • Reflective beam expander
  • Refractive collimator to give 100mm aperture
  • Beam expander 150mm
  • Beam expander 200mm
  • Beam expander 300mm
  • Transmission sphere f/1
  • Transmission sphere f/2
  • Transmission sphere f/4
  • Transmission sphere f/8
  • Compact precision mount 2 axis (tilt) including element holder
  • Compact precision mount 5 axis (tilt + xyz) including element holder
  • Large precision mount 2 axis (tilt) incl. element holder
  • Large precision mount 3 axis (tilt) incl. element holder
  • Large precision mount 5 axis (tilt xyz) incl. element holder