Dual Waveband INTERFIRE II

INTERFIRE II interferometers are available in unique dual waveband configurations, featuring two lasers feeding a single base-unit. With an alignment laser operating at 633 nm also built into the same enclosure, set up is quick and easy. Once set up, measurements can be made without the need to re-align the test piece. The most popular configuration features a LWIR laser operating at 10.6 µm and a MWIR laser operating at 3.39 µm, although lasers operating at other wavelengths are also available.

Key benefits of the dual waveband system include:

  • Ease of set up
  • Space saving – all lasers feed a single unit
  • Cost savings – dual waveband system less expensive that two independent systems
  • Dynamic range extension
  • Comprehensive range of accessories and software

These rugged, easy-to-use instruments can be used for development, test, production, quality control or research applications and are fully supported with a comprehensive range of optical and mechanical accessories and static and phase- measuring fringe analysis software options for the accurate measurement of wavefront aberration of thermal imaging lenses, optical homogeneity of infra red materials and flatness of optical surfaces.