Enhanced Vision Systems

The use of mmW RF imaging technology (94 GHz) provides a powerful solution to landing in all visibility conditions, including white-out and brown-out. It has significant benefits over IR imaging methods in the range of conditions it can accommodate, and the detail with which obscured objects can be imaged.

MBDA has been a leading exponent of mmW RF seeker technology for over 20 years and is the first defence company in the world to exploit the technology in volume production. As a result of this experience, especially on the Brimstone RF seeker development, derivatives of the seeker technology with defence, security and commercial applications can be offered.

  • An imaging radar sensor to enable pilots to land in zero height, zero visibility conditions
  • Alternative applications of the same core radar unit for military, quasi-military and commercial deployments
  • A landing aid for helicopter pilots to enable landing in helicopter induced dust or sand clouds (brown-out) or snow (white-out)
  • A rapid throughput personnel security scanning device

None of these require significant changes to the sensor architecture. In each case an application specific antenna, software and interfaces are all that is required.