SEEDER Programme Concludes

The SEEDER (Single Event Effects Design for Electronics Reliability) project, which commenced in 2008, has reached a successful conclusion. Part funded by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, the SEEDER consortium, led by our Radiation Effects Group, proved to be highly productive. Major successes include the publication of the SEEDER Design Guide as a paperback book, the production of the SEEDER database of electronic component SEE (Single Event Effects) sensitivities, the establishment of the SEEDER Demonstrator and the identification of the next big SEE issue as being SPDDEs (stuck bits in memories).

For future research, a more broad-ranging electronics survivability research consortium (HEEDS – Harsh Environment Electronic Devices & Systems) is to be led by SEEDER Partner AEC and will incorporate SEE as a theme. In addition, the SEEDER website will be consolidated as the focus for ongoing exploitation of SEEDER outputs, and will be funded for at least the next year.

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