Assembly & Test

A variety of circuit card assemblies can be manufactured:

  • Mixed technology (surface mount and through hole) circuits
  • Double-sided surface mounted sub-assemblies
  • Sub-assemblies with a variety of surface-mount components on a range of substrate materials

Circuit cards can be produced with:

  • Population of 6500 surface mount components per hour
  • +/-0.025mm placement accuracy
  • Device pitch 0.3mm
  • Maximum device size of 56mm sq.
  • Variety of substrate materials including flexi-rigid boards
  • Board sizes up to 585mm x 400mm

The comprehensive range of process capabilities allows production of many different component types:

  • Full Range of Passive (smallest – 0201)
  • Plastic Electronic Devices (controlled storage & monitoring)
  • Ball Grid Arrays (0.8 mm pitch, 1600 ball)
  • Large Quad Flatpacks (240 Lead; 56 mm x 56 mm)

A wide variety of production processes are available for circuit card assembly. These include:

  • Automated component preparation and handling
  • Simulation of challenging & hostile operational environments
  • Crop & Form
  • Component Tinning/degolding
  • Surface Mount Pick & Place systems
  • Additional facilities for through-hole components
  • Semi-automatic assembly for conventional components
  • Soldering
  • Rework

The production facilities are complemented by an extensive range of post-production test facilities:

    • Generic Flying Probe
    • In Circuit Test

    • Automatic Insulation/Continuity Testing (DITMCO)
    • Generic Facility

    • Hostile Environment Simulation
    • Passive and Active Thermal Stress Screening