Electronics and Circuit Card Assembly

A world class facility featuring state-of-the-art assembly & processing equipment and a flexible factory manufacturing system allows production of a diverse range of complex and technically demanding electronics and circuit card assemblies. The highly flexible manufacturing facility can accommodate both high and low volume manufacture with simultaneous trickle & surge production.


The manufacturing facility features an automated screen print/pick & place/reflow line equipped with in-line automatic optical inspection, giving a production capability of tens of thousands of boards per annum.

Facilities include:

  • Assembly of multi-chip modules (MCMs) and Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
  • Chip scale packaging research
  • Fully automated & computerised reflow solder system
  • Integrated conveyors
  • High volume forced nitrogen convection
  • Lead-free compatibility
  • Through-hole and mixed technology computerised wave soldering
  • Selective soldering of double-sided circuit card assemblies and flexi-rigid assemblies using unique fixturing methods
  • Component test on assembly (Flying Probe, Factron, Active Environmental Chamber)
  • In-circuit passive tests (Direct CAD data test generation)
  • High accuracy, high speed functional test
  • Environmental stress screening