DM Components

Diamond machining can be used to produce a variety of lenses, mirrors, mould tools and even mechanical components.


The diamond machining capability allows the manufacture of a variety of different IR lenses, including:

  • Spherical lenses
  • Diffractive lenses
  • Dome/hemispherical lenses
  • Aspheric lenses


A wide variety of mirror types can be manufactured using diamond machining methods, including:

  • Flat mirrors
  • Polygon mirrors
  • Slicer mirrors
  • Spherical mirrors
  • Spherical mirrors
  • Aspheric mirrors
  • Elliptical mirrors
  • Parabolic mirrors

Mould Tools

A variety of tools can be manufactured to a very high accuracy and surface finish for moulding purposes. It is possible to design in-house and manufacture to customer specification, or alternatively machine to customer data points. With a good relationship with replication and moulding companies, complete moulded components can also be produced.

Types of mould tools manufactured include:

  • Fresnel
  • Contact lens
  • Lens arrays

Mechanical components

Although diamond turning was developed for optical components, it can also produce ultra high precision mechanical components, as long as they are rotationally symmetrical.

Examples include:

  • Bearings
  • Video drums
  • Lens potting jigs